Pricesearcher Sharing Research on Product Feeds at Brighton SEO – 15th September

We’re delighted to have been invited to present our recent research into product feeds by Kelvin Newman, (founder of Brighton SEO) at the upcoming SEO event. Based on our learnings from indexing thousands of product feeds and over 500m SKU’s into Pricesearcher, CEO Samuel Dean, and CTO, Vlas Rizopoulos will be sharing our white paper […]

Limitations of Websites

Having a domain is a tricky starting place, as it makes it much more difficult to achieve decent ranking on international search engines. Most keywords apart from the brand and/or product names are going to be masked by a pile of relevant results more local to the researcher, however there are some tips a company site can follow in order to succeed in an international market

Why Are Reviews Good ?

This guide outlines the following points about product reviews:   What are product reviews? Why should you read product reviews? What are the ‘pros’ of product reviews? What are the ‘cons’ of product reviews? Why does Pricesearcher include product reviews?   What are product reviews? Product reviews are used on shopping sites to give customers […]

What are buying guides?

This guide outlines the following points about buying guides: What are buying guides? Why should you read buying guides? What are the different types of buying guides? Why does Pricesearcher include buying guides?   What are buying guides? Buying guides, also called buyer’s guides and consumer guides, are found on internet retailing sites, service companies, […]