#PS100 – The top 100 Products that consumers searched for in September

Welcome to the #PS100 where we go into the detail of the most popular products consumers searched for in September.

Pricesearcher works with many integration and feed management companies and we are delighted to be adding to the list by officially launching our partnership with Productsup this month. Their technology distributes customised feeds to unlimited shopping and marketing destinations and so it works very well for testing on new, growing channels like ourselves.

Highlights from our September data

  • Toys and Gaming (42%) was the largest category dominated by the major gaming consoles; Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo
  • Home (31%) was the second largest category with white goods being the main high-value items that consumers did their research on as well as other popular products like the Hive home heating solution and Dyson vacuum cleaners
  • Electronics (15%) have always featured high up on the rankings and this remained the case with different makes, models and sizes of TV’s featuring prominently along with fitness trackers and other wearable technology
  • Footwear and Apparel (8%) has grown as a category during 2017 but September saw a fall from the summer fashion peak
  • Finally Garden (2%) has plummeted since the summer bloom and Baby (1%) has entered the top 100 for generic terms like baby monitor and pushchair

Going into more detail at the category level we examine the actual search terms that make up the top 100 and discuss insights that can be drawn from the data:


Toys and Gaming – 42% of the top 100 search volume

September is back to school but it also seems to be the time when outdoor summer activity is reducing and computer time seems to increase with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One / Live and Nintendo Switch / 2DS being the most popular searches. In terms of the most popular computer games being played on these consoles its FIFA, Destiny 2, Ark Survival, Overwatch and Tekken 7 according to our data.

It will be interesting to watch this category in the run-up to Christmas and to understand the split between computer games and the more traditional (offline!) games and children’s toys like Lego, Scalextric and Peppa Pig.

FIFA 18 SONY PlayStation SONY PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch Xbox One
Xbox  Gold Membership Destiny 2 Game Xbox Console with FIFA Ark Survival Evolved LEGO
Playhouse Overwatch NBA 2K18 PS4 pj masks toys electric scooters
Nintendo 2DS XL PJ Masks Tekken 7 PLAYSTATION 4 Pro Paw Patrol
Hatchimals Sylvanian Families Nintendo 2DS Xbox One Bundle peppa pig
PS4 Bundle DualShock 4 Controller VTech Ark Survival Evolved PS4 Nerf Guns gun
PAW Patrol Sea Patroller LEGO Airshow Scalextric – Turbo GT PAW Patrol Teletubbies My First TV
Xbox Live Gold Membership

Home – 31% of the top 100 search volume

White goods are an irregular (and expensive!) investment and so it makes a lot of sense that consumers do their research before buying and we’ve seen this as being a constant throughout 2017. Interesting that ”black dishwasher” and ”black washing machine” are now popular terms in the white goods category!

Nutribullets remain popular as do Hive heating control systems, Dyson vacuum and Karcher window cleaners which have appeared in previous months.

Dyson  Vacuum Cleaner kettle microwave White Washing Machines Black Dishwasher Slimline
tumble dryer electric fire freezer chest freezer Karcher WV2
Dyson V6 Cordless beko tumble dryer Breville Kettle Electric 500W Heater hotpoint tumble dryer
fridge freezer nutribullet Vax  Mop tumble dryer Black Washing Machines
Fridge Freezers American karcher window cleaner samsung tumble dryer Fridge Freezers Hive Heating Control
indesit tumble dryer

Electronics – 15% of the top 100 search volume

Apple, Samsung, LG and Fitbit again appear as the most popular manufacturers in this category and it’s interesting to see that the most important attribute in terms of shopping for a TV is simply how big you want the screen to be.

apple watch Apple Watch White 4K TV fitbit samsung 32 inch tv
Fitbit – Charge 2 19 Inch – HD Ready TV 50 inch tv LG TV Curved TV
Apple 24 inch tv fitness tracker 40 inch samsung tv Smart TV
Apple watch 3 dr dre beats hp laptops led tv smart hd tv
32 inch tv panasonic TV 40 inch tv fitbit blaze 4K 43 Inch TV
50 inch smart tv

Footwear and Apparel – 8% of the top 100 search volume

Fashion has reduced since the August summer season spike and with the autumn turn in the weather we see items like ”fur gilet” enter our top 100. AX and Mammas and Papas are the only brands to make it into the list on this occasion.

skirts AX Paris Dress high waisted jeans Fur Gilet black skirts
Pink Prom Dress ripped jeans mamas and papas

Garden – 2% of the top 100 search volume

In August this category accounted for 34% of the total volume and this has plummeted to just 2% which shows just how incredibly seasonal this business is. There are still a few people looking for BBQ’s and lawnmowers but that’s about it.

BBQ garden ornaments lawnmower bbq grill

Baby – 1% of the top 100 search volume

A new category to enter the rankings with generic terms for monitors and car seats. September is one of the busiest months in UK hospitals for new babies being born and so it could be why we’ve seen these new keywords this month.

baby monitor baby car seat pushchair

Thanks for taking the time to read our #PS100 monthly article.

Pricesearcher is a search engine for products with zero barriers to entry for retailers and brands of all sizes. You can index your products for free with no development work required. To find out more visit our welcome page or upload your product feed directly.

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