#PS100 – The top 100 Products that consumers searched for in July

#PS100 – The top 100 Products that consumers searched for in July

Welcome to the #PS100 where we go into the detail of the most popular products consumers searched for in July.

Pricesearcher works with many integration and feed management companies and we are delighted to be adding to the list by officially launching our partnership with Feed Optimise this month. Their existing customers can now easily index their products into our product search engine by contacting their account manager who will provide us with an optimised feed.

Highlights from our July data

  • Garden increased 3% compared to June and was the largest category in our list with lawnmowers and gazebos as some of the most popular products
  • The summer fashion discount season seems to have made an impact on the searches in Footwear and Apparel; this category was up 16% compared to June with different styles of dresses and skirts being the most popular keywords
  • White goods and kitchen appliances continue to feature as staple high ranking search terms in our top list throughout the summer months
  • Electronics keywords were down by 19% this month in our biggest swing. TVs and mobile phone handsets remained the top keywords for this category helped by our new Mobile Plans page where you can filter over 2m options in the UK mobile market to find your ideal package
  • New searches entering the top 100 have meant we’ve had to add three new categories: Cosmetics, Experience and Food & Drink

Going into more detail at the category level we examine the actual search terms and discuss insights that can be drawn from the data:

Garden – 33% of the top 100 search volume

Garden product searches have grown like weeds during the summer period with people looking for lawnmowers, trimmers and other garden tools, typically petrol powered. Sun lounger entered the list this month prompted by the summer staycation and gazebo’s remained popular during bbq/summer party season.

Garden keywords in the #PS100
garden ornament pressure washer petrol hedge trimmer gas trimmer
garden ornaments garden hose garden gazebo pop up tent
lawnmower lawn scarifier petrol lawnmower bbq grill
gazebo rotavator garden chairs hedge trimmer
hedge trimmer garden gates hedge trimmer garden chair covers
garden tools pressure washer bosch hedge trimmer wheelbarrow
tent folding sun lounger plastic garden storage chainsaws

Footwear and Apparel – 27% of the top 100 search volume

Footwear and Apparel accounted for 27% of the top 100 search volume on Pricesearcher, compared to just 11% in June. The sunny spells have meant people searching for skirts as well as lace, smocking and maxi dresses. Jumpsuits, sandals and t-shirts show similar search volume placing those keywords at the top of this fast growing category.

Footwear and Apparel keywords in the #PS100
skirt dress print dress clutch bag glitter shoes
lace dress biker jacket dress hoodie
smocking dress t-shirt prom dress cotton polo
wardrobe jumpsuit slim fit cotton shirt chino shorts
floral maxi dress sandals swimsuit midi skirt
dresses waistcoat jumpsuit suit trouser
flip flops fit suit black leather belt

Home – 19% of the top 100 search volume

Home is up 6% after a drop in June. Washing machines have come back into the top 100 and other products like kettles, cordless drills and microwaves remain the staple items that receive high volumes throughout the year.

Home keywords in the #PS100
fridge freezer freezer chest freezer folding table
kettle drills electric cooker cordless drill
microwave washing machine ladder duvet set

Electronics – 16% of the top 100 search volume

Electronics searches declined 19% compared to June in the most significant shift. Smart tvs, mobile phones and wearables were the keywords with the most search volume. Mobile phones continue to be searched by brand or by specific handset for the most popular or those recently launched. Pricesearcher now shows consumers the entire mobile phone landscape allowing them to filter through over 2m buying options – filtering by network, handset, contract type and other key attributes to find the right package. HP laptops as well as specific keywords like 32gb card also featured.

Electronics keywords in the #PS100
4K TV hp laptops 40 inch tv ghd styler
led tv 32gb card 24 inch tv smart TV
smart tv hd tv iPhone 6 32 Gb 26 inch tv
apple watch moto g5 plus sat nav 60 inch tv
32 inch tv samsung galaxy s5 huawei mobile phones

Cosmetics – 2% of the top 100 search volume

This is a new category within the #PS100 with the brand MAC (Part of the Estee Lauder group) featuring at the brand and product level. Super dust is a L’Oreal hair care product that is obviously doing well.

Cosmetics keywords in the #PS100
MAC lipstick super dust MAC lipcolour

Food and Drink – 2% of the top 100 search volume

Summer parties increased as per the warmer weather conditions in the UK, making people search for alcoholic beverages including prosecco and gin…is there a correlation with gazebo’s and bbq’s we wonder?!

Food and Drink keywords in the #PS100
irish whiskey prosecco tanqueray gin vodka

Experience – 1% of the top 100 search volume

School holidays started in July and so the pressure is on parents to entertain young children and popular experiential activities were the harry potter break, sightseeing cruise and london eye as well as the view from the shard.

Experience keywords in the #PS100
harry potter break sightseeing cruise and london eye view from the shard

Thanks for taking the time to read our #PS100 monthly article. Pricesearcher is a search engine for products with zero barriers to entry for retailers and brands of all sizes. You can index your products for free with no development work required. To find out more visit our welcome page.

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