Welcome to the only complete view of mobile

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new mobile data set in partnership with bigupdata, which delivers consumers the complete mobile search experience. It is the biggest collection of mobile data that has ever existed in the UK.

As the lead developer on this project, my goal was to develop a user-friendly way to search all the UK’s mobile and SIM deals in one view.

The key challenge was creating a way for the user to navigate and select from hundreds of data points including, devices, networks, retailers and all of the various permutations. Many long days and nights have delivered a product and user experience, across all devices, that we are incredibly proud of.

Neil Aldred, Web Developer at Pricesearcher 

Smartphone penetration in the UK leapt from 52 per cent to 81 per cent of the population in just four years to May 2016 and you only have to observe daily commuters on a train to see how mobiles play an increasingly important part of our day-to-day lives.

Retailers and mobile networks strive to ensure that all of their best offers and plans are visible to consumers. With Pricesearcher’s new searchable mobile data functionality, it is now easier than ever to make the right purchase decision.

Our overview of the UK mobile phone and SIM cards market is another significant step in Pricesearcher’s mission to index all the world’s prices. We welcome retailers in other categories and verticals to contact our data integration team to discuss how we can better serve their products and target audiences.

Samuel Dean, CEO 

Pricesearcher is a search engine and therefore does not charge retailers or feed providers anything to list with us. Learn More

*based on Deloitte’s full mobile consumer report 2016 – available here 

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