Experts Roundup – Number 1 technical SEO tip for eCommerce sites

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Paul Lovell, Pricesearcher’s Head of Performance Marketing presents ideas and thinking from the field. Our first PS Experts Report focuses on essential SEO practices for any eCommerce strategy.


Founder and CEO of Stone Temple Consulting

Learn how to control and manage PageRank flow on your site to prevent thin content from hurting your SEO.

It’s common on eCommerce sites to offer lots of filters for each product.  For a pair of shoes, for example, you may offer many sizes, colours, widths, and price ranges.  One specific site I just checked has up to 2160 different pages for one shoes, just based on those 4 criteria. That’s way too many from a Google perspective, and it will see most of them as thin content.

Help Google out in a case like this by using rel=canonical tag on all these various copies of the same page to point to the master copy of the page. This eliminates the thin content problem,  and fixing it often leads to significant traffic increases for the sites that we work on.


Group SEO Manager at

Number one tip as an in-house SEO is – make sure you have the technical resource and work streams to get the work done.

No point in auditing and finding issues if you can’t do anything about it.

For an SEO person the top technical tip would be get the basics right. Make sure Google can access your site. Reason being Google is getting better at understanding sites structures etc.. they know everyone isn’t an SEO expert. What you need to do is give the bots the room to look at the key areas and check the basics like robots file, sitemap, canonical etc.


The recommendations from Eric and Michael with regards to canonicalisation are great. Helping search engines understand the core structure of your site is key. Don’t forget that with Google you can also make use of the URL parameters within the search console. This will help google crawl your site more effectively.

Hreflang is especially useful for eCommerce sites that sell products in other countries. You’re letting the crawler know, that this is the same product/content available, in other countries and languages.

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