#PS100 – The top 100 Products that consumers searched for in June

Welcome to the #PS100 where we go into the detail of the most popular products consumers searched for in June.

Pricesearcher works with many integration and feed management companies and we are delighted to be adding to the list by officially launching our partnership with Lengow this month. Their existing customers can now easily index their products into our product search engine

Highlights from our June data

  • Electronics increased month on month by 8% and accounted for 35% of the top 100 search volume on Pricesearcher with mobile phones, TV’s and Small Domestics Appliances (SDA’s) being the most popular products
  • Garden up by 7% as the summer months continue to drive demand for lawnmowers, gazebo’s and garden tools in particular
  • Toys and Gaming down by 7% with Sony Playstation 4 (one of the best selling products on Amazon Prime day in July) remaining high up in the list
  • Home down by 3% as people put off expensive white goods purchases over the summer months

Going into more detail at the category level we examine the actual search terms and discuss insights that can be drawn from the data:

Electronics – 35% of top 100 search volume

Consistently the largest category for Pricesearcher consumers are motivated to do their homework on expensive branded products (Apple, Samsung, LG, etc) that are available from a wide range of different retailers.

Mobile phone handset search remains strong and is very much on a brand or even model basis with consumers knowing what they’re looking for and trying to find the best deal.

OLED TV (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is a new technology that LG in particular have been pushing is a new search term to rank in the top 100 and may represent an early shift on from ‘Smart’ and ‘4K’ TV searches.

Electronics keywords in the #PS100
kettle 4K TV Smart TV sony xperia xz premium digital cameras iphone 6 case
moto g5 plus iphone 5s led tv moto g4 plus 32 inch tv samsung galaxy S8 plus
samsung galaxy s5 huawei mobile phones fitbit fit moto g5 hd tv 40 inch tv
iphone 7 iPhone 6 32 Gb Spacegrey apple watch samsung s6 edge huawai p10 nutribullet
electric cooker FitBit Charge 2 hp laptops motorola moto huawei smartphones LG OLED55B6V 55 inch TV
oled tv De Longhi Kettles


Garden – 30% of top 100 search volume

Up by 7% on prior month this category has been on the rise since our inaugural #PS100 in April. Search terms (lawnmowers and BBQ’s) have remained broadly consistent over this period but volumes have increased and the terms have widened.

Garden ornaments, garden patio and garden loungers are all new search terms in this month becoming more popular as people look for products to help them enjoy their garden during the height of summer.

Karcher (pressure washers) and Mac Allister (lawnmowers) are the only the brand terms that appear other than flymo.

Garden keywords in the #PS100
lawnmower garden ornaments garden hose rotavator petrol hedge trimmer flymo lawnmower
gazebo hedge trimmer lawn scarifier qualcast lawnmower Garden Loungers wheelbarrow
garden tools pressure washer chainsaws paddling pool bbq grill garden chairs
electric bbq Karcher Pressure Washer garden patio petrol lawnmower garden gates plastic garden storage
Mac Allister lawnmower garden chair covers

Footwear and Apparel – 11% of top 100 search volume

Dresses and variations thereof remain the most popular search terms with maxi, wedding, slingback, cami, smocking, party and prom all featuring in the top 100, most of them for the first time. Smocking dresses and other off the shoulder items are in particular fashion at the moment (according to the Pricesearcher fashion police!) and so its great to see this reflected on our #PS100.

Wedding dresses, hats and gowns continue to feature as bridal season builds in the run-up to summer peak. Interestingly ‘floral summer dress’ was in May but has dropped out in June. River Island and SuperDry are the only brands to feature in the top 100 currently.

Sporting apparel, particuarly football boots / shirts, has fallen out of the top 100 as the football season has come to a close.

Footwear and Apparel keywords in the #PS100
dress wedding dresses dresses Studded Jumpsuit Superdry Smocking Dress baby clothes
wedding hats River Island Black Party Dresses – black Dresses slingback shoes Maxi dress Pool Slider Sandals – Navy
wedding gowns river island prom dress River Island sandals Black Party Dresses cami dress

Toys and Gaming – 9% of top 100 search volume

This category has reduced significantly, down 6% on May, as the warm weather has encouraged people outside and away from their computer screens. Overwatch and Tekken 7 are the only computer games remaining this month in the top 100.

It was interesting to see that one of the biggest sellers on the recent Amazon prime day (11th July 2017) was the playstation 4 and we’ve certainly seen it as the most consistently searched for games console on our index over the last 3 months.

The staples of lego, Peppa Pig, barbie doll and paw patrol remain as per previous months.

Toys and Gaming keywords in the #PS100
lego ps4 peppa pig PJ mask paw patrol barbie doll
tekken 7 Paw Patrol Air Patroller shopkins sylvanian families Hatchimals teletubbies
nerf gun Overwatch

Home – 6% of the top 100 search volume

Home is down 3% on the prior month as people are less inclined to search for white goods and other appliances likes Microwaves during the summer months. Washing machines and wall clocks have fallen out of the top 100 list from the prior month.

Home keywords in the #PS100
microwave drills freezer designer wallpaper Integrated Fridge Freezer chest freezer

Sport – 4% of the top 100 search volume

Sporting equipment remains a small category and is down 1% on the month. Sporting apparel searches (not covered in this category) have reduced considerably compared to May and this is backed up here. Mountain bikes and fishing are the leading search terms for Pricesearcher in this area.

Sport keywords in the #PS100
fishing tackle mountain bike fishing rod

Pet – 4% of the top 100 search volume

Dogs represented a higher volume of search over their feline rivals in May and this continues in June with the Domus dog kennel in particular being a favourite

Pet keywords in the #PS100
dog kennels Domus Dog Kennel

Jewellery and Accessories – 1% of top 100 search volume

Currently a small category on Pricesearcher watches are the only item that currently features on the top 100 but this will likely change as we continue to add more product in this category going forward.

Jewellery & Accessories in the #PS100

Thanks for taking the time to read our #PS100 monthly article.

Pricesearcher is a search engine for products with zero barriers to entry for retailers and brands of all sizes. You can index your products for free with no development work required.

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