#PS100 – 100 Unusual Searches

Product vertical search engine, Pricesearcher.com, sees millions of on-site search terms ranging from ‘Adult Mr Bump costumes’ to ‘coffin for two’.  Dogs (real and plastic) are in demand, as are ‘nude wedding hats’. Sadly, even Pricesearcher can’t find ‘Elvis’ nor the answer to ‘why men don’t listen’.

  • Users desperate for newest operation system – searches for Windows 11, 12, 17, 18 & 21
  • Possibly angry consumer – searches for Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ in CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Price-savvy users search for the latest prices of £1 coins

Thor like Thomas.jpg

Hi, I’m Thomas, Head of Retail Operations at Pricesearcher.com We love the fact that millions of consumers are benefiting from our search engine to find products and prices for pretty much anything they want to buy. Even though we are still in BETA, just search for laptops and you’ll see the depth of retailer and product selection from PC World to eBuyer to Laptops Direct. This #PS100, we thought it would be fun to look at some of the more obscure searches on our site to show the spectrum that any search engine strives to cover. If you’re a retailer able to satisfy some of these searches perhaps it’s time to index your product feed for free – find our more at www.pricesearcher.com/welcome

Consumers are asking product focused search engine Pricesearcher for a wide range of information. 28% of our sampled unusual terms are questions such as ‘Which colours goes together on clothes’, ‘why is snot green’, ‘how to cook chicken thighs’ and ‘how much dus lego make a year’. *

Laptops are coming under increasing pressure to slim down, judged by searches for ‘Skinny Laptop’.

8% of the sampled unusual searches were linked to Dogs or dog related products with the worrying question ‘What to do when your dog starts bitting people’

See the full list of terms below:

 100 Unusual Searches

dragonfly in amber looking up your family tree
Which sad card should I buy for iPad novelty beer glasses
amish books novel chastity cage
barbara cartland romance collection second hand books elvis
Wetherspoon Glasgow Whos behind the door
Revision guide to Frankenstein piranha owners manual
A practitioners handbook for explosive atmospheres Dolphins
5year old apso he is blind and walks in a circle all the time where to sell second hand books in oxfordshire
ART OF WAR licorice liqueur
Grand theft auto cheats PS4 liquid rubber latex
why men don’t listen amason
Spotted kettle Why have riser recliner
Where’s poppa lol surprise
Who much is a piano who’s who
Improv piecing Walmart.com
Pug puppies for sale Manchester amozon
Skinny laptop windows 21
Bullseye windows 12
liam runs late All in one Computer
How does God guide? where can you get city car driving in a shop on xbox one
windows 18 A o .com
dog shark bed is my blood neice my husbands neice
50 pence coins dog breeders of shitshu dogs
punjabi songs What to do when your dog starts bitting people
why is snot green Getting to know your hamster
How to create a recruitment explosion YouTube
why didn’t they ask evans Hoverboard
dog kennels for a week whille we go on hoilday dishwasher retro
Sexy satin tracksuit Where to buy new ps4 1tb controller in Norwich
sex magazines KNIVES
how children fail how to make beaded dragons
Adult mr bump costumes where eagles dare
windows 17 chromecast.com/setup
WHY DOES HE DO THAT? cabin fever wimpy
a gentlemans guide to calculating winning bets The Towns of Medieval Wales
How to not give a f*** how to cook chicken thighs
windows 11 Which colours goes together on clothes
How much is 45 dollar in british pounds FREE NINTENDO SWITCH
Fidget spinner gmail.com
How kindle do i soft reset a kindle how much money dus lego make a year
amazan Prostetics
hunting elephants bottoms
whst is a infinity pool dog grooming your yorkie
the story of punch and judy garden decking swansea
Coffin for two dog boarding within 10 mile radius of rugby
How long does giffgaff delivery take bullet locket
DIFFICULT MOTHERS how much are the new one pound coins
Nude wedding hats Rubber feet for stepladder
How to make love to the same person for the rest of your life dog kennels nearest place for me to go in Sheffield to buy a dog kennel for a medium-sized dog made out of plastic for outside

To find out more about Pricesearcher and index your products to benefit from the free organic traffic resulting from millions of searches please visit us at www.pricesearcher.com/welcome

*Matching colours without clashing can be hard. Try a base of neutrals (Black, White, Grey, Navy, Brown) with most colours. This way, instead of trying to match colours together, you simply wear a maximum of one colour in your outfit, and keep the rest neutral.

The green colour of snot comes from the chemical secreted by white blood cells – more specifically, the heme group in the iron-containing enzyme myeloperoxidase.

I recommend slow-cooked chicken thighs, marinated in a mixture of ginger, soy sauce and garlic.

Lego makes about 19B pieces per year.




About Thomas J. Vosper

Head of Retail Operations at Pricesearcher - an unbiased search engine that is an ‘Always On, Always Free’ source of highly engaged shoppers that thousands of retailers are accessing for free and without development resource. After cutting my teeth at Amazon for over six years I moved to a more senior role leading blue chip engagements at Tesco’s marketplace. I then launched InPost UK’s first outbound retailer in summer 2016.

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  1. The best answer I have to any of those questions (“licorice liqueur”), is a Danish concoction called “Hot N’ Sweet”, which is about the greatest invention known to mankind.

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