#PS100 – The top 100 searches by category in April

Welcome to our first infographic and article examining the search trends that we see on Pricesearcher based on the 1m+ searches a month from consumers using our site.

The aim of this infographic is to share category level detail on what is trending and help retailers and brands to capitalise on prominent keywords.

Highlights from our April data:

  • High-value items in Electronics continue to see greatest search volume
  • Garden has bloomed into life with the improved weather
  • Store locators important to Toys and Gaming

Electronics remains our strongest category – 25%

Electronics have consistently featured strongly on Pricesearcher as consumers spend more time researching and comparing these items before making a purchase decision. The main mobile phone models feature prominently by manufacturer and also more generic searches just as ”kettle” and ”laptop” showing the need for accurate product descriptions that help you feature in these type of generic searches.

Electronics keywords in the #PS100
digital cameras Samsung laptop Smart TV Bluetooth Speakers kettle
ipad iphone 7 moto g4 plus micro sd cards FitBit Flex alarm clock
moto g5 plus huawei mobile phones moto g5 huawei smartphones nutribullet panasonic lumix
apple watch watches Iphone 6S samsung s6 edge electric shaver oral b electric toothbrush
samsung galaxy s5 iphone 5s FitBit Charge 2

Garden category bloomed into Action – 24%

Garden increased in search volume with ‘’Lawn mower’’, ‘’Pressure Washer’’ and everyone’s favourite summertime pastime…… ‘’BBQ’’ appearing very high up in keyword frequency in April.

Garden keywords in the #PS100
lawnmower pressure washer BBQ garden tools paddling pool garden sheds
bbq chainsaws hedge trimmer ladder weber bbq gass BBQ

Toys and Gaming and Store Locator – 16%

Higher value items lend themselves to increased levels of research by consumers but cheaper products like ‘’Peppa Pig’’ ‘’Lego’’ and ‘’nerf gun’’ still feature prominently in the Toys and Gaming category as product availability is often as big a factor as price and parents are trying to locate where they can get hold of items. This feature of availability is very important to the Toy market and its a topic we

This feature of availability is very important to the Toy market and its a topic we explored in detail this month with Rob Wood, Head of online and digital at The Entertainer, a leading toy retailer in the UK in a guest blog published in Ecommerce Insights

Toys and Gaming keywords in the #PS100
ps4 peppa pig lego nintendo 3ds nerf gun Overwatch
barbie toys my little pony barbie doll playhouse paw patrol ty beanie
Xbox One S Console Hatchimals comic book Disney adults colouring books PJ mask
Sniper Elite 4 baby toys teletubbies power rangers toy

Footwear and Apparel traffic grows as selection increases – 11%

”Wedding hats” and ”summer dresses” are the flavours of the month as preparation begins for upcoming social occasions and holidays. Pricesearcher has benefitted from some notable retailers joining including River Island and Matalan which has deepened our product availability and helped consumers to find what they’re looking for.

Footwear and Apparel keywords in the #PS100


tracksuit superdry wedding hats suit dress wedding dresses
blouse dresses ted baker floral summer dress clarks football boots rings
football shirts kids football kit nike football boots football kit Adidas


Pet – 11% 

If you have a pet then its a part of the family and keeping your furry friend well fed and protected is an obvious priority

Pet keywords in the #PS100
dog kennels dry dog food dog food

Home – 8%

A significant category especially for white goods which, like electronics, typically warrant an increased level of research and comparison before commiting to.

Home keywords in the #PS100
microwave washing Machine designer wallpaper wall clocks fridge freezer
drills toaster freezer washing machine suitcase

Sport – 3%

Fishing and cycling featured prominently this month as people looked out their windows to the great outdoors.

Sport keywords in the #PS100
fishing tackle mountain bike football goals fishing rod

Gifting – 2%

Mothers day in the UK was the 26th March but we still saw a significant volume of sons and daughters scrambling around in April for a ”sorry its late” gift …..worth bearing in mind that the day itself doesn’t mean that the sales opportunity has totally finished.

Gifting keywords in the #PS100
nail polish easter egg decoration mothers day

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