Why Are Reviews Good ?

This guide outlines the following points about product reviews:


  • What are product reviews?
  • Why should you read product reviews?
  • What are the ‘pros’ of product reviews?
  • What are the ‘cons’ of product reviews?
  • Why does Pricesearcher include product reviews?


What are product reviews?

Product reviews are used on shopping sites to give customers an opportunity to rate and comment on products they have purchased. Other consumers can read these when making a purchase decision.

Why read product reviews?

Making a purchase decision on an e-commerce site can be agonizing. For example, you can’t detect the item’s sturdiness, read the care instructions, or figure out the fit from a digital image.

Further complicating the decision-making processes are unusual methods of presentation: One company offers product descriptions that are the same for all items in one category; another gives sizes in terms of clothing but not body measurements.

So, how should you choose the right product? Sure, you can talk to a customer service advisor, which is useful but often time-consuming. However, getting insights from independent experts and fellow shoppers who may have the same needs as you is invaluable. Enter the ‘product review’.

Product reviews come down to objective criticism. Most people seek them out for one reason: whether to buy or pass. Therefore, a good assessment is important and reviews are now essential for e-commerce sites.


  • They give shoppers a feeling of security by reading about others who have purchased and used products that they are considering.
  • They can offer insights into the most appropriate applications of the products.
  • They can provide you with additional resources to improve the product experience (for example, a reviewer provided installation instructions and pointed to an online product manual not included with the original item).
  • They can bring out positive attributes that may not have been covered in the original product descriptions.
  • They expand methods of filtering (or sorting) products by ratings.



  • The can give you a skewed impression of a product if there is just one review or rating, especially if it’s negative.
  • They allow disgruntled customers to publish vindictive or damaging information.
  • They may seem irrelevant if a solitary review was posted years ago.
  • You can easily get bogged down by analyzing customer-generated commentary, hesitating to buy an item that seems like a good purchase but doesn’t consistently get positively glowing reviews.


Why does Pricesearcher include product reviews?

We believe product reviews are invaluable to consumers looking for honest, real-world opinions about a particular product they are interested in. As a result, Pricesearcher scours the internet for a wide array of reviews and presents them in one place, thereby making it easier for you to compare product reviews that have come from multiple sources.

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