It’s 1998 and Google’s on the phone…….

How would retailers react if an early-days Google called them up directly and asked to index their site in return for free web-traffic?

It’s a question we’ve been tackling here at since the turn of the year as we engage with hundreds of high street retailers, brands and pureplays looking to increase their digital footprint and searching for the next big source of traffic.

When Sergey Brin and Larry Page walked into the offices of early investors, Sequoia Capital, they offered a one-line pitch: ‘Google provides access to the world’s information in one click’ – possibly the most lucrative 10 words in corporate history.

At Pricesearcher, we are just setting out on our journey ‘to capture all of the world’s products and prices in one place’; and our core purpose, our mission, can only be achieved when we remove all barriers to entry.

Obstacles such as commission rates, cost per click, ROI plans, stretched tech resource and data mapping do not exist with Pricesearcher. We support ‘Any Feed, Any Format’, and in return deliver retailers (of all types and sizes) a search presence that is ‘Always On, Always Free’.

‘’I always get suspicious when someone sends me an email offering to send me traffic for free.’’ – Head of Traffic [anon]

This suspicion around free is a familiar theme in our conversations yet there are many examples of businesses where the user base benefit from zero barriers to entry (i.e. Free and Simple).

When was the last time you had to pay to upload a photo to Facebook? Or a video to YouTube? In fact, unless you have a premium account on LinkedIn you’ll be reading this for free.

We actually see people try and pay us either directly or via a commission structure. The notion that we would surface a product feed directly, for free, is so alien to some retailers that they insist we take an affiliate feed and the resulting referral income!!! [we don’t take affiliate feeds if you’re asking]

The early adopters that do ‘get it’ are driving staggering growth as we aim to become the Wikipedia of products and prices.

In 2017 we’ve increased:

·        Products 40M -> ~400M

·        Searches Per Month 100k -> 1M

Taking part has become even easier as we’ve rolled out simple (and Free) Magento and Shopify plugins. The current record time for integration is less than 2 mins.

We’re already driving FREE TRAFFIC to retailers including:

“Pricesearcher listed our products with no effort at our end. Early results are really encouraging and they’re already on our top 20 referrers list.”

– Robert Wood, Head of Online, The Entertainer (

“The great thing about Pricesearcher is that not only is it free, but the set-up was incredibly easy. They used an existing product feed and were able to get Benefit Cosmetics up and running in no time at all.”

–         Luke Schönenberger, Ecommerce Manager, Benefit Cosmetics

“We simply gave Price Searcher access to our google shopping feed and were up and running in a few hours. Absolutely no hassle and we’re now seeing them in our top ten for site referrals.”

–         Steve Mellows, Ecommerce Manager, F.Hinds

Pricesearcher is run by team who, collectively, have been involved in the early days of Amazon’s UK marketplace; led eBay development projects; overseen tech rollouts at household name retailers; supported international marketplaces with the Dept. for International Trade; and carry M&A expertise involving IPO’s, hedge funding and advising some of the world’s largest conglomerates.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been at a bunch of events, and met many interesting people and businesses. We’ve been able to share how we believe we can change the world whilst delivering retailers new customers; all at zero cost and without any technical development.

You can contact the team via

What would have happened if Google had called in 1998 and asked for your details so that people could find your website – For Free, Forever?

Still feel suspicious?

About Thomas J. Vosper

Head of Retail Operations at Pricesearcher - an unbiased search engine that is an ‘Always On, Always Free’ source of highly engaged shoppers that thousands of retailers are accessing for free and without development resource. After cutting my teeth at Amazon for over six years I moved to a more senior role leading blue chip engagements at Tesco’s marketplace. I then launched InPost UK’s first outbound retailer in summer 2016.

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